Thursday, June 20, 2013

No Pain, No Gain!

Marathon training has officially begun... 

Lately, my weekday workout routine has consisted of boot camp, turbo kick, and body sculpting classes... so this whole trying to get back on track into the running routine is bound to give me a rude awakening...
...a rude awakening indeed.

I've heard the best training guide to follow is Hal Higdon's. It's an 18 week training guide for first time, full marathon, runners. Even though I have two half marathons under my belt, I wouldn't even come close to describing myself as an experienced runner... so you can bet your bottom that I am following the easiest/beginner training guide. 

(dear lord this looks daunting)

Yesterday marked day two of my training and I was a first class passenger on the struggle bus... 

Not only did I probably pass off as the chubby bubble girl during the course of my three miles... but the amount of sweat that I accumulated on my body was socially not ok. I think I was born with 10x the amount of sweat glands a normal human being should possess. Gross. 

But Jo(W)anna know what? I'm incredibly anxious to get this over with and cross it off my bucket list. Watch out Columbus marathon, I'm coming for ya... least, here's hoping! 

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